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  Jack Pumpkinhead, who claims no less a personage than Ozma as his royal "parent" (that's a long story.... so long, it's called The Marvelous Land of Oz), gets his own book here, and it's one that should win Jack many thousands of new friends!

  While reminiscing about his previous visit to Oz, Peter, the little boy baseball pitcher from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA (first introduced in The Gnome King of Oz) suddenly finds himself landing right into Jack Pumpkinhead's front yard. Peter and Jack set off together for the Emerald City, but take a wrong turn, ending up traveling through the red Quadling Country.

  Wandering through many interesting places in Oz, our friends meet Snif the iffin, who is as charming a creature as you ever saw. Formerly a ferocious griffin, Snif has since lost his grrrr! and has been held captive in Scare City.

  They also tangle with mad Mighty Mogodore, the robber Baron of Baffleburg. The only thing truly 'mighty' about his blackguard is his ambition – which, like all persons in Oz who have less than honorable intentions (Mombi, Ruggedo, etc.) is to become the ruler of Oz. In the case of Mogodore, his intentions are to capture Ozma and force her to marry him. By doing so, he believes that he will be on his way to becoming the King of Oz. He'll be on his way, all right — and you'll see how.

  This fine tale also introduces Mi-serable Mesmerizer, Chimney-villians, Harum Scarum, and all sorts of other strange and interesting peoples.

Note: Peter returns for still more adventures in Pirates in Oz.

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