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  Sir Hokus of Pokes (first introduced in The Royal Book of Oz)— once of Merrie Olde England but more recently of the Country of Pokes in Oz — is always ready for new exploits. He relishes nothing more than the slaying of a herd of dragons or the rescuing of a bevy of beautiful princesses (which Oz seems to have an abundance of!).

  When he grows restless of calm, quiet Emerald City life, he decides to go on a quest... but after the whole castle decides to join him in the fun, he quietly slips off with his friend the Comfortable Camel.

  After finding some magic dates in the Comfortable Camel's saddle sacks, Sir Hokus disenchants a suckle vine (who had formerly been a jester named Peter Pun) and together in the yellow Winkie Country they find a deserted castle made of gold. The deserted castle seems to have been abandoned for many centuries!

  Coincidentally, the Sultan of Samandra - one of the greatest of ozzy villians - lost his camel many centuries ago. So, he did what we all would do if we lost our camels – he conquered the neighboring kingdoms of Corabia and Corumbia, of course, enchanting their rulers and citizens by turning them into fishes and trees! Now (500 years later) he decides HIS camel is the Emerald City's own Comfortable Camel. So off he sends his Grand Vizier, Tuzzle, to retrieve his camel.

  And in still another part of the world, a little boy named Speedy from Long Island, New York USA, prematurely blasts off in a homemade rocketship – destination Mars. However, he crashes back to earth, only to land far below the Winkie Country in the underground Kingdom of Subterranea.

  Did I mention the golden statue that turns into the very lovely Princess Marygolden? Did I mention that one should never whisper secrets to one's Imperial Puppy (Confido) in case the silky-eared pup decides to speak up and reveal all? Did I mention those magic dates?

Note: As Speedy left Oz, he promised to return one day – a promise which he fulfilled in his own book, the aptly titled Speedy in Oz.

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