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  Peter, the little boy from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — who twice before has saved Oz from the Gnome King (see The Gnome King of Oz and Jack Pumpkinhead of Oz) — returns to voyage all over the Nonestic Ocean.

  First we have Captain Samuel Salt - once captain of not one, but two pirating ships; the "Crescent Moon" and the "Sea Lion". Unfortunately for old Captain Salt, his crew robbed him of the Sea Lion and his treasure and then deserted him because he was too soft and liked exploring and specimen collecting more than he like pirating.

  Second we have King Ato – once the eighth king of the Octagon Isles. Unfortunately for old Ato, his 180 subjects robbed him of everything except his castle furnishings and then deserted him because they believed he was too soft and not ambitious enough.

  Third we have our old friend Peter. Along with Roger the Read Bird (a good-natured, good-hearted, well-meaning companion – unless you really don't feel like being read to!) they set sail on the Nonestic Ocean and visit many exciting places.

  And last (but surely not least) we have mean old Ruggedo, the former Gnome King. After being hit by the Silence Stone, he was rendered speechless for the past five years and will continue to be speechless for the next two years. Ruggedo answers an advertisement for the kingdom of Menankypoo for a dumb king. He discovers and enters a seaside cave belonging to Kadj the Conjurer. Inside he finds an axe that cures his speech problem and Clocker the Clock Man. Clocker is a famous wise man; giving forth words of wisdom every 15 minutes. Like Ruggedo, he is also speechless, but in his head is a little cuckoo bird, who hands out neatly written notes. Together they set off to conquer Oz.

  Join the high seas adventurers in the nautical tale as they all finally make it to the Land of Oz and the Emerald City.

Note: Captain Salt's adventures (along with Ato and Roger) continue in the aptly title, Captain Salt in Oz.

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