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Current Licensees

  • Advantage Rides, Inc.
  • Badash Crystal, Inc.
  • Bella Visions, Inc.
  • Belton Industries, Inc.
  • CCC Publishing, Inc.
  • Cherry Designs
  • Color Fantasy, Inc.
  • Coming Attractions, Inc.
  • David Textiles, Inc.
  • Doss Art, Inc.
  • Dunn Manufacturing / The Flagg Company
  • Empire Trading Company
  • Fort Pewter, Inc.
  • The Happy Company, Div. of Tender Loving Things
  • Impax Ltd.
  • Kaleidoscope Imports
  • M Grace / Marathon at Home
  • MMI Distribution, Inc.
  • Making Tracks, Inc.
  • Marathon Designs
  • Mad Hatter's Toy and Game Factory, Inc.
  • Merrymac Collection
  • SAC / Studio Anne Carlton, Ltd.
  • Simson Giftware
  • SPIRITS (formerly GRITS)
  • Tyca Corporation


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